French Canadian Newspaper Reveals Next Daft Punk Singles And Talks About Random Access Memories Remix Package

The French Canadian newspaper “Le Journal De Quebec”, has just published a story that has revealed Daft Punk’s plans for the next two singles from their soon to be released album Random Access Memories, claiming that the Director of Marketing at Sony Music Canada, Craig Mannix revealed to publication that the follow-up to the Beatport chart topping “Get Lucky” will be the other collaboration with Pharrell titled, “Lose Yourself To Dance”  which is to followed by the Julian Casablancas collaboration “Instant Crush”.

According to Mannix, Thomas and Guy-Man desire to promote their album through a focus on physical marketing, stating that “They want to promote the record as if MTV never existed. They control everything”. The most interesting news is Mannix’s insistence that a remix package for Random Access Memories is in the works, the roster for which is still unknown.

Read ahead for the official article in “Le Journal De Quebec”;

It is a different kind of Daft Punk which will hit stores on May 21. With Random Access Memories, the famous French duo moves away from the electronic sound that made their reputation. Listened under (very) high surveillance in offices of Sony Music in Montreal last Thursday (a global embargo prevented us from talking about), the fourth disc of the pair surprises. In the new album, Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo will salute the music from the turn of the 1970s and 1980s by using live instrumentation. Eight years after the futuristic electro-house Human After All, Daft Punk now favours old school grooves. The pair always uses the drum machines, synthesizers and other vocoders, but with more restraint. A total of 13 tracks. Most easily crossed the milestone of five minutes. Sometimes it works well (Disco Give Life Back to Music with Nile Rodgers). Sometimes it falls flat (the boring Touch, an exercise in style of eight minutes which counts on the presence of Paul Williams).

Released on April 19, the first single from the disc, the catchy Get Lucky (with Pharrell Williams) will be followed by Lose Yourself to Dance, another song featuring the American rapper. We’re talking about a piece of great simplicity (chorus repetitive guitar riff) focusing on the beautiful falsetto – not doctored – of Williams. Sony Music confirmed that the third single is Instant Crush, a somewhat dance piece, but definitely pop. The leader of the Strokes, Julian Fernando Casablancas, uses his vocal cords in the song. Old school marketing Director of Marketing at Sony Music Canada, Craig Mannix reveals that Daft Punk will take a non-traditional approach to hype the release of Random Access Memories. No video. The group will rather put posters close to the main boulevards. Toronto will have those posters. Montreal will not. “They want to promote the record as if MTV never existed says Craig Mannix. They control everything. ”

As for concerts, Quebec fans of the band will probably have to wait until next year before enjoying the new material on stage. The last show of Daft Punk in Montreal was in summer 2007. The band had performed in an electric Centre Bell.

An impressive number of artists have collaborated on CD. Among them, we note Georgio Moroder, Chilly Gonzales (on Within a mid-tempo piece that evokes the acid jazz of St. Germain) and DJ Falcon (on Contact, the last track on the disc, reminiscent of Daft Punk of the Discovery era).

According to Mannix, the band will eventually release a CD containing remixes of tracks found on Random Access Memories.