SuperVision – Telekinetic EP [Free Download]

Supervision telekinetic

Electro/hip-hop producer SuperVision has been working very hard on his EP release Telekinetic. Now all the hard work pays off as he announced the release  on 5th June under the label Pretty Lights Music.

The tracks has all the trademarks of a raging new EP which is going to reach to the top of the charts. The EP comprising of 6 tracks each are a league of their own! Its fast and fabulous and oh so damn fine! The much anticipated tracks has some heavy drum and bass and would work well for an action packed movie especially a 007 one. Busting up some crazy spins the tracks evokes buoyancy and bounce. The incredible bass  and synergy to them makes you heady and tripped out culminating in a collision of loops and effects. You don’t need nothing to trip on these lovelies!

With a background on turntables spanning over 16 years, the Dallas, TX native has skills that most people would kill for. His love for music propelled him to drop some advanced effects, loops and texturized synth bass and carry on with some fantastic music.

“My intention with my music, is to make futuristic electronic hip hop beats. The process I use comes from the school of thought from early hip hop, more specifically the late 80’s early 90’s – digging up old records and chopping them up to make something entirely new”, said the magician who composed this exciting EP.

Here is the full track list:

  1.  Super Like Vision
  2. Play It Funky
  3.  Dizzy Feeling
  4. Close To Me ft. Jay Fresh
  5.  Ancient Souls
  6.   Until The Last Hours

Get’ em while its hot peeps! Right here right now only on PLM.


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