Highlights From Tomorrowland, Day 1


Its here! The weekend that is awaited by all the electronic music junkies alike, all year round; the weekend that marks the onset of a collective euphoria, madness and salvation if you call it, bound by the love for music. You guessed it, we’re talking about none other than the mighty Tomorrowland!

To make sure that you don’t miss out on this wondrous, once in a life time experience, along with the live streaming of the sets we bring to you visual snippets that capture the best moments from the festival. Here’s what went down in T-land this Friday (day one of weekend one):

Happiness was finally unlocked after all this wait and what lay ahead was undoubtably breathtaking!



Apart from boasting of its magnificent new mainstage, the festival flaunted an extravagant crowd from all around the world.




What’s that we spot there? Time to feel proud…


One of the best moments during music festivals is when your favorite artists get together to chill. It’s like the contributors to your playlist are having a team day, and who knows what collaborations sprout up thanks to this quality time spent together!

spotted together were the hottest faces of EDM and of course, the creators of hit single ‘Like Home’- the NERVO twins and Nicky Romero


The Dim Mak crew was seen having a good time as well!


How can we forget the pictures of glorious moments when the world’s most eminent DJs were caught in action, spinning some sick sets on the stage! 

The OWSLA top-dog Skrillex, was seen dropping some wub and interacting with the crowd during his set.



A little more action from the NERVO twins:



Spotted spinning some tunes after the Dim Mak bonding session were #SELFIE masterminds, The Chainsmokers!


Bringing you visuals from Dada land, where the adrenaline drenched Dada Life can clearly be seen tearing it up:



And lastly, seen reigning the mainstage was Armin Van Buuren who left his fans enchanted and awed with his exceptional set!

My view #Tomorrowland. This was amazing!! @@marcvdaa

A post shared by Armin van Buuren (@arminvanbuuren) on



As Day 1 of this double weekend grand affair comes to an end, rest assured that it only gets bigger and better from here. Stay tuned as we get you the latest updates hot off the press!



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