Deorro Brawls Over Tomorrowland Food Tokens On Twitter, Deadmau5 Replies


Seems like there was a little trouble in paradise for Deorro who was attending the first weekend of Tomorrowland. The DJ lost his cool over food coupons and took to Twitter to lash out on the Tomorrowland authorities for the same, a feet that was then criticized by the DJ/producer and a troll, Deadmau5.

The ‘Yee’ sensation had his twitter account buzzing with tweets after his guest (Deorro’s manager) was refused to be given a food token, even though the DJ was. One of these tweets also contained a homophobic slur (a tweet he later deleted) that caused an upsurge on twitter.
deorro tweets

It came to a point where the DJ refused to perform at Tomorrowland all together. the tweets were taken notice of by the industry’s favorite troll, Deadmau5 who prompted that shelling out a few bucks for his guest was better than taking it out on the authorities to such an extreme level, pointing out the fact that the DJ probably earned a comfortable amount to pay for a food token with his successful DJ career.

deorro slur

deadmau5 1 deadmau52

Although, eventually the storm passed with Deorro apologizing to his fans, explaining his anger as a combination of his drunken state and the heat of the moment. After all the drama, the artist took the stage to give his fans a great set at Tomorrowland. All’s well that ends well… maybe.


deorro deadmau5



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