Mark Knight Explains His Distaste for ‘EDM’ & The Need For an Evolution



Very few artists have the reputation and experience in the Dance music community that Mark Knight has. So, when the House music veteran has an opinion, we all sit up to take notice. The Grammy nominated producer recently sat down with EDM portal EDMTunes, to discuss Dance music and the direction its been taking. He started off by insisting he doesn’t want to be pigeonholed into a single style of music.

I want to write records that sit nicely across different genres. If you can do that, and remain faithful to your sound, that’s the trick. I was inspired by old school, fun, DJ records. And that’s the concept, accessible records

It wasn’t long, before Mark gave his opinion about EDM in general and he joins a list of producers and artists who find the sound has become weary and mundane.

Truth be told, I’m not a fan of EDM at all. It’s great entry level music, and it has opened up an entire new audience to dance music, and it’s great in that respect. But it’s so one dimensional and formulaic….it’s a shame because some of these producers are brilliant producers, but it’s akin to taking the easiest road possible.
At one point, people are going to start saying, wait, haven’t we heard this a million times?


On being quizzed upon Seth Troxler‘s recent blog posts about Festivals, Mark did agree with Seth in principle, but felt his point got lost in the emotional emphasis on other things he gave.

His point is lost in the emotion. A lot of the points he has is very valid. His delivery lets him down. However, I’m with him 100% on his points, it’s just tough to approach a scene and hit in on the head with a hammer and hope for a happy response.



Mark Knight has made a career for himself as a DJ and producer in the UK, but he insists that the West have taken the proper direction when it comes to Dance music.

I love playing the states. People have a huge appetite for new music. People are so accepting to new music which is something I get frustrated with [over here in Europe].
In Europe, everything is put into boxes. It’s tough. People are so close minded here. It’s a little frustrating actually. People want to hear techno and [deep house] and that’s it. Whereas in the U.S people want to hear, oh, I don’t know, pick an EDM act, but they also want to hear Adam Beyer. It’s refreshing in the states, people are happy to take on both ends of the spectrum. I love it, it makes me want to play there more and more.

Having made his remarks on the music scene and all that has transpired in the name of controversies over recent months, Mark had a simple thing to say, which we couldn’t agree to more,

I think all of this arguing does nothing to move the scene forward.


Source: EDMtunes




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