Nielsen Report: Who is the Electronic Music Listener?

Global information and measurement company Nielsen has analysed the demographics of the EDM consumer base and discovered the unknown – that the average electronic music listener is a White frat boy. In a recently published infographic titled “Who is the Electronic Music Listener?“, the study concluded that on average, men tune into electronic music more than women – but as they grow older, the trend reverses (you go, grandma). Whites hold a landslide majority in the ethnicity category, explaining the eruption of festivals across literally all 50 states in recent years, followed by Hispanics (EDC Mexico, anyone?). The report also weighed in on household income and education criteria, with the lowest incidence among fans with post-graduate degrees. Hypothesis: The smarter you get, the less you listen to EDM? We beg to differ.

See where you factor in below.



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