Watch This: Dada Life – One Smile (Official Music Video)

Dada Life

Just a few days back, DJ/producer duo Dada Life released their high-spirited club-banger ‘One Smile’ and are now back to present their latest single with an official music video. Constructed with contagious and anthemetic feel-good vocals, the track radiates an energy that only the biggest and best dance records exhibits and so does the music video.

The video kicks off with a message from the duo “All you need is ‘One Smile’, we will give you all night” which in fact is the chief vocal line of the track. Crazed fans are found sharing the ‘One Smile’ mask among each other and moving towards a festival destination enjoying their life to fullest. Just in case the electrifying audio of the track wasn’t enough for you, the video will definitely make you dance like never before.

Watch the official music video of ‘One Smile’ below.


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