Martin Garrix Pays Tribute To Deceased Friend, Uploads Collaborative Track

martin garrix out of the earth

The horrific incident of Malasian Airlines flight -MH17 crash had left the world aghast, but the tragedy struck worse for the young DJ prodigy, Martin Garrix who unfortunately lost a friend, Darryl Gunawan in the woeful episode.

MH17, the flight carrying 298 passengers, was recently shot down over Ukraine. Even though the turn of events still remains a mystery, the lives lost in this catastrophe will be mourned over. One of these passengers, Gunwan was a friend and fellow producer of Garrix and worked under the name ‘Darryl Dwight’. The two worked together in the initial years of their career, coming up with a track called “Out of the Earth” in December 2010. In the memory of his deceased friend, Garrix uploaded this track on soundcloud as a tribute.

You can give a listen to ‘Out of the Earth’ below. We offer our heartfelt condolences to Martin Garrix and all those who lost their loved ones in this crash.




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