Nora En Pure – True [EP]


Swiss based Daniela Niederer ,or as she’s better known, Nora En Pure is on a quest to fulfill her need to arouse feelings of bliss and inject unconventional and serene sensations to be carried out into the world.

To that effect she’s recently released her newest EP True, and it does aid her on her said quest. The three track EP is a wonderful mix of Indie-dance/Nu-disco tunes that you will inadvertently find yourself grooving to. A spectacular blend of deep bass lines, funky grooves and delectable melodies, it makes for a splendid listening session.

The first track True kicks it off with soulful vocals, an edgy, uber groovy bassline and a warm piano chord progression, making it a perfect track to fit to the soundtrack of your summer.

The next one, Let The Light In,  has a much more chilled vibe than true, with beautiful female vocals, a catchy crystal/synth hook and deeper sounds that go down smoother than a Glenfiddich on-the-rocks.

The third and final track that rounds off the EP, Higher In The Sun is her collaboration with the ethereal Penny Foster. This one showcases her  African heritage as it draws from traditional organic and ethnic sounds like pattering bongos, pan flute and tribal guitar riffs, all lending to the an amazingly organic sound. The uplifting and endearing vocals from Penny simply add to the beauty of the production making it so much more pleasurable to listen to.


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