Preview: 11:11 – Tourist Trap (Original Mix)


For those of you unaware, 11 11 is an unusual collaboration between hip-hop mogul and super star Sean “P Diddy” Combs and Israeli DJ Guy Gerber. About the album, Diddy noted that it is an underground dance album, not an EDM album suited for the big stadium scene. “If you’re looking for that big drop where you jump up and down like a pogo stick, this is not for you,” he said. It’s one of the most awaited album by electronic music pundits from all over the world.

As for the music itself, the album cycled through minimal techno and Ibiza-style deep house, evoking Gerber’s signature emotional swells and lush textures. Vocal samples by Diddy himself were sprinkled throughout, as were his masterful production techniques, and an emphasis on hi-fi textural dynamics gave it a hint of Nicolas Jaar.

What’s more, the entire album will be available to the public for free, this summer.

Speaking off, one of the tracks off the album, after their initial track, My Heart, was previewed, has now surfaced, and it’s curiously titled Tourist Trap. It starts off with a deep beat and pitch modulated vocal samples from P Diddy himself. It starts off extremely minimalistic, with subtle percussive elements gradually added in. The beauty of this particular production is that it’s got extremely haunting melodies fading in & out and elevates itself so smoothly that it’s practically unnoticeable. It culminates to a point where it becomes extremely dark, nocturnal and almost tribal.


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