Above & Beyond feat. Alex Vargas – Blue Sky Action (Original Mix)

Post the release of their previous single, Sticky Fingers, everyone’s beloved dance music trio, Above & Beyond, have released their latest single Blue Sky Action. Starting off with synthed up guitar strings and Alex Vargas‘ vocals kicking in, the track gives you a very “Brian Eno meets U2″-esque feel, with its upbeat mood and pop influences. Being an Above & Beyond track, it is full of energy and emotion, with a very melodic vibe to it, and Alex Vargas’ vocals match up to every little beat.

Premiered at the trio’s set at Ultra Music Festival in March earlier this year, the track has since been played across their various shows and sets during festivals, including EDC Las Vegas and Glastonbury, becoming one of the highlights of the set. Initially previewed at their acoustic tour at Los Angeles’ Greek Theatre, it’ll be only fair if Above & Beyond also release the acoustic version of the song as an added bonus.

Though the track has pop influences, in no way does it sound commercial. Retaining its Above & Beyond vibe, it’s a definite mood changer and something which you would listen to on a sunny day or any other day for that matter. This is one song you should not miss out on, as Paavo, Tony and Jono have spun their magic again on this beautifully mesmerizing single.

buy the single on Beatport.


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