The Chainsmokers Unleash Teaser of New Track ‘Kanye’ on Instagram


The Chainsmokers seem to be basking in the glory of their new found mainstream success with #SELFIE and their appearances on tv shows like American Idol. Hell bent on following up the major golden ticket that was #SELFIE,  they’ve recently uploaded a preview to their new track ‘Kanye featuring the vocal stylings of Siren. Though the preview on Instagram is merely 15 seconds long, it features Siren’s sugar-sweet vocals singing out the lyrics “one day I’ll stand with the crown on my head like a god, yeah like a god.”

They’ve shut it off just before the track apparently picks up, leading us to be on the edge of our seats as to what it may sound like. Though for now we just have to wait till the 5th of August and wonder if their newest production would strike the same chord with their fans as #SELFIE did.

You can be anything you want to be! @iTunes 8/5 #BELIKE

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