Preview: R3hab & Nervo ft. Ayah Marar – Ready For the Weekend (Original Mix)


Another great track to uplift those summer blues is here! Aussie sisters , Nervo and Dutch DJ R3hab‘s collaboration on Ready for the Weekend is a track that gets you in the mood to get on your best summer shorts and vests and yell out of your car’s sunroof. While the intro isn’t the most exciting and considerably pop , the drop and prominence of heart thumping basslines more than make up for it.

After Revolution‘s success on charts , Ready for the Weekend seems to be ready to make a mark as well. Jordanian singer Ayah Marar‘s vocals already impressed ravers at  Tomorrowland 2014 and the track will probably be incorporated in Nervo’s set for Weekend 2 for Tomorrowland. The infusion of a excess of energy and vitality in the track makes it a great summer anthem and is a sure way to power through the weekday and get rid of that absent spirit. The track will be out on Spinnin Records in August.

Listen to the  preview here:


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