Viacom pens deal with Spotify to bring the M back to MTV


MTV might be getting back the “M” factor in its name soon. Viacom Inc., who owns both MTV and Vh1, has penned a deal with popular music streaming service Spotify, to bring more music content for its viewers, while still maintaining the television content it has come to gain more popularity for.
All the content, which will be available on MTV websites and apps, will feature artists from atleast 150 playlists across Spotify.
Talking to Billboard, Jorge Espinel, the head of Spotify’s business development said “The deal and the partnership have two main objectives. We have a unique platform that enables MTV to expand and share their expertise with our users, which they view as a unique opportunity. They have mass market reach in the U.S., and this partnership will allow us to access that new audience.”
The service, which will be available only for U.S. at the moment, might also be expanded to Europe and other regions in the future.


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