This Guy Gate Crashed 50 Music Festivals And Documented His Adventures!


Concert tickets way too costly? That’s no problem for this guy! Marcus Haney is the hero for every raver who feels the burn in his pocket while purchasing ticket to watch his favourite artist perform live. This guy has fought the forces of barricades, fences and security to successfully break into the best music festivals of the world including Coachella, Glastonbury, Bonnaroo and Ultra!

Apart from shooting for HBO and making movies on the side, Haney finds sufficient time to crash top music events without paying for any of them. His escapades round off to around 50 music festivals in a span of 4 years. How does he do it? Let that one be explained to you by the man himself through his groundbreaking documentary titled ‘No Cameras Allowed’, narrating his adventures.

“We’ve done everything. Everything from jumping fences to fake wristbands to posing as security to posing as artists to posing as press to running through truck entrances to going underneath fences”, Haney told VICE in an interview.

Through all these years of trespassing, Haney has befriended famous music artists and bands like Mumford And Sons, whose bassist, Ted Dwane had to say “Marcus can break into anything. We once removed his credentials from him and kicked him onto the street outside a Canadian arena. Within 20 minutes he had not only arrived back in our dressing room after re-entering through the venue’s front door, but had also casually climbed up on the stage before the first band started to raise his camera above his head and take a shot of the first few thousand excited gig goers waiting at the barrier!”

Even though a clip of ‘Cameras Not Allowed’ had been leaked as the trailer on the internet, which was then removed from youtube, we can only imagine what a cutting edge documentary Haney has in store for us. Stay tuned as we get you more updates!



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