Justin Bieber’s New Track To Be Deep House?

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Primarily, please note that this is NOT a joke. However bizarre it might come off as, this news will hopefully not stop your life from going on.

What happens when PLUR meets YOLO? Justin Bieber starts producing house music (which isn’t all that bad sounding). Yes, it’s happening as the world turns around us.

Remember how some said deep house will be the new electro, but no one really fell for that? Well, it definitely caught the fancy of the ‘pop teen-icon –gone-wrong’, Justin Bieber. Recently, the 20 year old previewed a bunch of tracks on his Instagram account that seemed to have taken inspiration from electronic dance music. One of these snippets includes what sounds like a deep-house track, though with very pop-esque tunes. It’s down tempo and along the lines of the liquid vibe one would find in Disclosure (Please don’t kill me for the comparison) or Kaytranada’s music.

Even though this could be a track that changes the way we think of JB’s music, it’s too soon to judge the composition for now. Have a look at the video below to decide whether it’s your cup of tea or not, and let us know your thoughts on it!

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