Oliver Huntemann – Blitz/Donner EP



Delightful Techno maestro Oliver Huntemann launches his counter attack on Techno regiments across the globe with his brand new imprint Senso Sounds. The Hamburg based stalwart delivers the debut release in the shape and form of his brand new collective ‘Blitz/Donner‘ EP. Both tracks are exceptionally focused, high-class and deeply sophisticated gems from the Techno spectrum and stand out a the perfect opening partnership for the launch of this promising new imprint!


The first track ‘Blitz‘ features muscular beats and tight groove that has elements building around it gradually. Sharp metallic synth stabs married to crisp vocal work marks the introduction of a jagged machine funk core into the break and beyond. A typical Huntemann structure of unpredictability and majestic transitions, ‘Blitz‘ shows how devilishly gorgeous Techno can be at the peak hour when you’re grooving away on the dancefloor. The B-side pushes in ‘Donner‘, another first grade Techno masterpiece, that infuses dark and devouring basslines assisted by a stepping synth melody alongside emphatic percussion work. The track builds plenty of tension around the halfway point with various layers piling on top of the original assembly, causing an interweaving melange of Techno blitzkrieg that only Oliver can curate and control! Crank up the volume, draw the shades and lock your doors as you press play below!


You can also be part of the Senso revolution by picking up its first ever EP Release here!


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