Michael Jackson – Slave to the Rhythm (Audien Remix)

As a producer, you get the chance to remix many respected artists in the dance music fraternity and even from other genres. But none of them is bigger than the chance to remix none other than Michael Jackson. And when you get that chance, you make sure you better knock it out of the park.
And Audien has done just that. The young American producer has had quite a stellar year with his original productions and remixes, and to add to that list is the remix of Michael Jackson‘s Slave To The Rhythm, a remix he’ll always look back and cherish.
Starting off with a synthesised percussion line, the producer reverts back to the original when the verse kicks in, as the synths build up subtly in the background towards the buildup, which frankly is one of the finest buildups of late. The breakdown maintains a fine line between progressive and electro, but still makes you want to throw your hands in the air and rage frantically (Never thought you’d do that during a MJ song, huh?)
The best part about the remix is that Audien doesn’t let go of the “Michael Jackson vibe” of the song even for a single moment, retaining it’s soul and groove throughout, especially the iconic “Wooh” that we’ve all come to know him for.
There might be people (MJ purists mostly) who might argue that the King of Pop doesn’t need a remix. But after listening to it, even Michael Jackson would have been proud of this remix and of Audien, for pulling it off brilliantly.
Probably the best remix of the year so far, this track will definitely make you a slave of its rhythm. This is a must have for your playlist.
Check out the remix here. And buy it from Beatport.


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