Kaskade Defends EDM After Mass Hospitalizations At Keith Urban Concert


In a tragic incident, about 22 attendees of a Keith Urban music concert required hospitalization after being heavily intoxicated during the country singers performance. An additional 24 members required immediate medical assistance by the EMS on ground, while nearly 50 others were detained on grounds of heavy intoxication. While any such news on any grounds of music is tragic and disturbing, it became one of the few incidents to make the headlines that weren’t Electronic music related. And Electronic music ambassador Kaskade was quick to step up and remind everyone, that not all bad things stem from electronic dance music.


It is indeed true, that time and again, a string of unfortunate incidents around the globe have triggered a slurry of critics and journalists to lash out against Electronic music blaming it for infusing an irresponsible behavior among its fans. Kaskade, did not take this lightly, and has defended the genre he loves so deeply against the condescending EDM stereotype. With the tragedy befalling rhw Keith Urban concert, Kaskade was quick to point out that not all bad things happen just at electronic music festivals and concerts.


While we feel that electronic music is sometimes stereotyped, as a drug and alcohol fueled rave, it is far from that. The irresponsible are part of every music culture, and we hope and pray that these incidents cease to happen, such that music can be continued to be experienced in all its beauty and glory.


One response to “Kaskade Defends EDM After Mass Hospitalizations At Keith Urban Concert

  1. I read that tweet and was waiting to see an article about it. Thanks for writing this and I totally agree 👌

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