Preview: Afrojack & Martin Garrix – Turn Up the Speakers (Original Mix)


Take some groovy rhythm and some spine chilling drops , some fresh synth and some hard-hitting bass. Put them in a blender , pour them out , shake , stir and there you have it – your perfect summer cooler , Turn up the Speakers. Afrojack and Martin Garrix sure know how us ravers like it . Refreshing and revitalizing at its very core , this track makes us shed all inhibitions and dance in a sweet languor. Turn up the Speakers hurls us headfirst into an ecstatic oblivion that has us gyrating in a wild sense of anarchy by creating an aura of passionate intensity. This track stirs the rough , rugged beast within us all that swerves mindlessly to a good medley of bass and synth. This track leaves my heart thumping eons after it ends and pushes me into declining the constraints of civilization and adhering to my inherent beast who thrives off a good tune.

Here’s your preview!


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