Preview: Deorro feat. Dycy – Five Hours (Don’t Hold Me Back) (Original Vocal Mix)


5 Hours’, The original track by Deorro that broke through stereos to swirl in your heads, just received an equally exceptional vocal version called ‘Don’t Hold Me Back’ by EDM singer DyCy.

5 Hour was one of the most Shazamed songs of EDC Vegas 2014 and it just got a vocal rendition that you’d love to hum in your head as much as you’d love to dance to it. The already ethereal track, which has so far amassed 18 million plays on Spotify, 4.2 million views on YouTube is complimented by the delicate vocals of DyCy, adding a new shade to this anthematic composition.

Slated to be released on August 5th on Avicii’s label ICONS, ‘Don’t Hold Me Back’ is definitely a track that would give Deorro’s ‘PandaFam’ something to be extremely happy about! Check out the preview below!



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