Watch This: Above & Beyond – Blue Sky Action (Official Music Video)

above and beyond

ABOVE & BEYOND‘s summer hit “Blue Sky Action” received an adorable, yet awe-inspiring video directed by the eminent director, Ken Clark that strikes all the right chords with the apocalyptic vibe of the track.

The video has a ‘Mad-Max meets Wall-E’ theme that borrows apocalyptic desert terrain visuals from the former to create a the toxic town love story like the latter. The video opens with a male protagonist rummaging through rubble in a desolate, life-starved dystopia who finds only technology and futuristic gadgets lying in every direction in the deserted land. It’s only when he receives a visit from a catsuit beauty from outer space that he experience his true release. Apart from a touching plot line, Clark created a cinematic masterwork that ornaments the exhilaration of the track’s hooks and riffs.

View the video below to experience this musical and cinematic beauty this video is!



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