Dosem To Release Brand New Album ‘City Cuts’ On Suara!

Dosem - City Cuts - Album (Suara)


Dosem, real name is Marc Ramirez, has been a prominent name within the global house and techno scene over the last six years. He has honed his musical style as unique and with a flair of irresistible dance music chagrin that has drawn revered labels such as Christian Smith’s Tronic, Carl Cox and Jon Rundell’s Intec, Technasia’s Sino, John Digweed’s Bedrock, Gregor Tresher’s Break New Soil and, of course, Coyu’s alluring Suara where he is classed as one of their core artists. Dosem is now prepared his brand new album ‘City Cuts‘ that will be released on Suara this September and follows as the perfect follow up to his previous works ‘Parallel’ & ‘Origin’.


With ‘City Cuts’ , Dosem progresses by showing a different side to his musical prowess, delivering what feels like his most accomplished long-player to date. While moving from track to track, nothing ever sounds out of place and is all tied together with an incredibly strong sense of melody. Developed like a well-crafted DJ set, this album is not only full of intrigue and excitement but also makes sense as a listen, highlighting Marc’s supreme talent, depth and versatility as a DJ/producer.


My last album was mostly techno. With this album I wanted to show my other side, so it’s more house oriented. It’s an album especially designed for dancing in a club but it also has tracks with soulful substance.
It’s an album inspired by urban life which includes some of my experiences from the last couple of years touring different major cities around the world like Tokyo, Hong Kong, Amsterdam, Paris, London, Buenos Aires and Barcelona.


Runnerpark’, the album’s impressive opener, is an immense production that encompasses powerful arpeggiated melodies, striking euphoric chord stabs and an unexpected dub-influenced breakdown. The album continues by showcasing and array of killer tech-house gems such as the funk-fuelled ‘Cos of Me’, the infectious disco-tinged ‘Expression’ and 90s-rave-inspired future classic ‘Cuts or Cats’.


Other highlights include, the super hypnotic ‘Message’ and the moody techno cut ‘Streetout’, which were released together as an EP earlier this year, as a precursor to this album, to much acclaim.


Aside from the wealth of dancefloor-focused tracks, there is also two incredibly inspiring electronic soundscapes in the form of ‘No Past’ featuring Louder Bays and the highly emotional ‘Lost Taxi’. Akin to the works of Moby and Unkle, both tacks are totally mesmerising and add a further dimension to the album.



City Cuts’ is out September 22nd on Suara.




01. Runnerpark

02. Message

03. Expression

04. Lost Taxi

05. Cuts or Cats

06. Streetout

07. City Pulse

08. Loft Dancers

09. Cos of Me

10. Linked

11. No Past (feat. Louder Bays)



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