Eric Prydz finally releases his Pryda 028 EP!


Ladies & Gentlemen, if you haven’t heard of who Eric Prydz, or his alter ego, Pryda, is, then you truly do not know how wondrous electronic music can be. Eric Prydz is probably one of the most highly regarded electronic music producers of all time.  His music is probably as mysterious and intricate as he is, with most of the tracks he producers never being revealed to the general public. So in the off chance that he does release a new track and/or EP or Remix, every dance music listener worth their salt would definitely sit up and take notice.

Now that day is upon us. The day that Eric Prydz unveils his eagerly awaited Pryda 028 EP. (By eagerly, we mean so eagerly we’ve been literally counting down days with bated breaths till its release.) This splendid 4 track EP does exactly what we’re so used to expecting from this celestial being in the electronic universe. Glittering synth patterns and steady progressive arrangements while simultaneously amalgamating his attraction to the dark, introspective electronica that sucks you into the music’s overall soundscape. In other words, no hype, no over-the-top builds, no flashy synths, just music that is enthralling.

The first track Mija, starts off  with a wobbling bassline and a glistening synth arpeggio, whilst subtle counter-melodies balance all of it out. Shortly, a haunting vocal sample comes into play, lending a somewhat euphoric, entrancing feel to the entire track. At the break, the multiple synth elements work together with the vocals to bring a sense of captivation.  Though the melody is extremely pensive, it makes for a wonderfully emotive, yet light hearted production, a perfect way to kick off the odyssey that is this EP

Following Mija is Origins. With an almost techno feel, Origins is extremely nocturnal in that it has the extra punch cultivated within its hard synth sub-bass, pitch modulated vocal sample and faint hints of a dark melody. It packs a whole lot of power, and is surprisingly gritty.

Backdraft starts off with layered yet fluid synth work that provides the rhythm for the whole production. Progressively, a synth hook gets introduced into the track, which, by sheer virtue of it’s tone sends shivers down your spine. As you dwell deeper on into the course of the track, a subtle counter melody gets added as well.  This is one that would be perfectly fitting in an afterhours set, that progresses well into the break of dawn.  Its soft melody coupled with hints of almost tribal beat work make for a perfectly nocturnal production.

Finally, we’ve got Axis that many say draws inspiration from Eric Prydz’ earlier hit Pjanoo, owing to its electric piano chord progression. Although the flourishing synth layers at the underbelly of it all add that particular touch of musical euphoria, that only Prydz can pull off.  It’s extremely energetic, and supremely bouncy and provides a perfect rounding up of a brilliant EP from one of dance music’s greatest producers.

You can buy these gem off beatport, here.


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