Industry’s Biggest Names Attest to Staggering Ibiza Prices!

Industry’s Biggest Names Attest to Staggering Ibiza Prices!

Ibiza has always been a dream destination for all dance music fanatics. Known as THE place to be if you want a dance music filled vacation, this mysterious island has always been duly credited with its great clubs, good weather and of course, the best of dance music.

However, seeing as how dance music has progressed today, DJ’s aren’t treated as people anymore, they’re worshipped as rockstars. Reminding us of a time where rockstars could quote their prices, DJ’s have ushered the same in swiftly and silently. It isn’t surprising anymore to see huge price tags associated with iconic Ibiza. It seems though, not all is well, as some of the biggest names have begun to speak out against this whirlpool of greedy money-making.

Steve Angello, one of the many regulars to Ibiza’s best clubs, shared his thoughts on what he felt Ibiza used to be, and what it has become.

“It was more of a tastemaker, a musical discovery, than it is now. . . Now it is about selling tickets and big names, it has become what it is everywhere else. The mystique of Ibiza isn’t there any more.”

Whilst a lot of folks are blown away by continuing price rises, Paul Oakenfold feels inflation is understandable in an industry where DJ’s are placed on such a high pedestal.

“If you go and see Manchester United and it is full of stars, and every season you want your club to buy the best players, then you’ve got to pay the ticket to go and see them.”

What do you think? For those who’ve been to Ibiza, is the experience worth the massive hike in prices? Also, for those who haven’t, will these price rises deter any future trips? Share your thoughts in our comments column!



2 responses to “Industry’s Biggest Names Attest to Staggering Ibiza Prices!

  1. As a club goer, Ibiza is very very expensive. You could end up paying 8 euros for a bottle of water. 12 – 15 euros for a simple drink. Sometimes I feel big ticket DJs should also support their fan following in terms of facilitating a good experience and not just good music.

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