Markus Schulz – Remember This [EP]

Markus Schulz - Remember This (Mark Sherry Remix) / Message In The Sky(Remember This) feat. Seri

Since the time Unicorn Slayer’s ‘Remember This’ got released, it transformed from instrumental fuel for any situation to the highlight of any night and an anthem which has touched the soul of trance lovers. If the audio never appealed to you, video must have definitely!

As the original turned to be extremely special, it certainly deserved a remix treatment and to provide it a new dimension, Markus turned to the in-form Scotsman Mark Sherry; a man who has been in flawless limelight for his remix of Max Graham’s ‘The Evil ID’. Putting all that he does best, Sherry infuses the original of ‘Remember This’ with contagious techy material accompanied by despicable drops.

Just when you think, it is enough for a track with year-old roots to emit feelings, shooting the astonishment, Markus brings for you a yet another vocal track which is included in the same EP.

Done in collaboration with the ‘Love Rain Down’ vocalist Seri, Markus developed this new one named ‘Message in the Sky’ while on his Scream 2 bus tour. A track with greater emotion, attached by the existing original, it’s combined with Seri’s angelic tones to provide a shiver down your spine.

The EP is out on Coldharbour Recordings and you can purchase it now via Beatport.


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