Tritonal feat. Jonathan Mendelsohn – Satellite (Original Mix)


Here it is , the beginning of a  phenomenal conclusion! That’s right , Tritonal is out with the first single of their final chapter – Metamorphic III ,  that not only concludes their EP series but also includes their 200th release with Enhanced Recordings. Satellite ft. Jonathan Mendelsohn features the characteristic energy found in all of Tritonal’s tracks. This team effort by the vocalist and DJs has interwoven their individual style and power and created a track with a mammoth dose of emotion. Creating an atmosphere of pure serenity and bliss like their previous track , Now or Never , Tritonal has us super excited for the remaining two tracks part of the EP – Anchor and Seraphic!

Tritonal has released a power-packed lyric video that provokes our imagination to imagine what life is like as an astronaut in outer space! The video is a visual appetizer of all those who were intrigued by Sandra Bullock’s role in Gravity. Here’s your own three and a half minute experience within the confines of your room.  The track’s build up and epic drop has us tingle with excitement with synths that seem to be endless and high in quality. It upsets us that the single is not even five minutes , because this is one track we could listen to all day , everyday. Immerse yourself in this sure-to-be festival banger for the entire cosmos!

Get it on Beatport

Listen to it here:

Or watch the Lyric Video:


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