Watch This: Galantis – Help (Live Video)




The Swedish Electronic duo Galantis have treated their smash hit ‘Help’ well, with this incredible and poignant live video. The track alone gave us shivers in response to its brilliance. The added visually aesthetic live video has only increased this appreciation tenfold for it gives us goosebumps and smothers us with a wave of feel-good nostlagia that leaves us in bittersweet memory of all our experiences at concerts! Largely focused on their performance of their performance at Coachella, we get a glimpse of Kaskade and the gorgeous festival held in Indio.


With melodic bass and the perfect concentration of vocals, ‘Help‘s new video leave us cleansed, fresh and reborn. All of you who miss Coachella and Galantis‘ performance there, through this video, in its own little way, help is on the way. And those of you who missed them perform, here’s something to make you feel envious and absolutely terrible about your absence!

This video release has way too many feels. Turn up the volume and get watching:


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