Puff Daddy and Guy Gerber’s album “11:11” to be out soon

American hip hop mogul Sean Combs aka Puff Daddy and P. Diddy has been collaborating with Israeli techno and house producer Guy Gerber for a new album.
The album, which according to Combs and Gerber “isn’t about dance music”, but more of an amalgamation of both electronic music and hip hop, has been in the works for some time now. A recent preview of a new video on THUMP reveals the release date of the album, along with the documentary, which will be released alongside the album. The album is due on the 13th of August, whereas the documentary is due on the 18th of August.

Guy Gerber has already previewed two songs of the album on his Soundcloud page, Tourist Trap and My Heart. Judging from the track used in the video preview and the two tracks previewed by Gerber, listeners can expect a dark vibe with a groovy, deep bassline and Puff Daddy‘s music influences.
This album further marks the interest a number of mainstream music artists are taking in dance music, with its ever growing fanbase and global reach.
Check out the two previewed tracks from the album here.


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