BT Reveals Music Video For ‘Paralyzed’ Ahead Of An Album With Christian Burns Under Joint Moniker All Hail The Silence!

all hail the silence1


Veteran DJ, producer and Dance music innovator BT has been hard at work this last year. With more innovation with iZotope around the corner, as well as a Anthony Hopkins movie soundtrack in the pipeline, the Electronica genius has also been collaborating with singer-songwriter Christian Burns, working on a new album under their joint moniker All Hail The Silence.

Ever since his stunning album release of A Song Across Wires on Armada last year, the Grammy-nominated artist has been working hard on putting out a fully analog album with the English vocalist. They just released their collaborative single titled ‘Paralyzed’ that showcases this phenomenal pair at work with BT’s cutting edge studio wizardry fused with Burns’ pop-conscious songwriting. Here’s BT talking about the track.

This is one of seven songs Christian and I wrote together on a fall writing retreat at my place. I played bass and Christian sang in my kitchen; we probably wrote this in 10 minutes. I loved this song from the moment we wrote it. Christian writes amazing lyrics and melodies.


all hail the silence

  Of course, this isn’t the first time we see the two Electronica champions collaborate. Having put out their smash hit ‘The Enemy’, this was one dream team that could make for some enticing soul-churning music in the coming seasons! About the collaboration itself, BT had some interesting insight about it himself.

Christian and I met on tour with Tiësto years ago. There was an instant creative spark between us. So much so that after we wrote about 10 songs together, we decided to start a band, now called All Hail the Silence.

We recorded the album in a basement in Baltimore at a synth enthusiast’s private collection. There are no computers on the album. I literally spent about six-seven hours on a song patch cabling together a kick drum on a system 100. Everything had to be printed in a single session, because all the patches were lost every time you shut down the studio. Just like the ’80s. It was amazing. I can’t wait for people to hear this music.




You can now purchase the track ‘Paralyzed’ from here.

 Meanwhile, do check out the official video for their new single ‘Paralyzed’ below!


Source: Billboard


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