Calvin Harris Speaks Out After Allegations Of Him Blocking Rita Ora’s Performance At The Teen Choice Awards!


Amidst a flurry of allegations being thrown towards Scottish DJ & Producer Calvin Harris, regarding the performance of British singer-songwriter Rita Ora at the recently held Teen Choice music awards, the DJ has finally broken his silence and spoken back. As the rumors go, Ora was to perform her & Harris’ collaboration ‘I will never let you down‘ at the awards show, but she withdrew at the last minute allegedly due to the latter withholding permission for her to perform the song.


Now it was no secret that Ora & Harris were dating each other at the time that they collaborated on the song. On ending their relationship, things seemed amicable. However, after the awards show, Ora spoke to journalists and radio hosts regarding the issue, and didn’t seemed to pleased about missing out on her performance.

I was supposed to perform, [But Calvin] wrote and produced the song … [and] he owns the rights to it … so [he] has to approve anything TV-wise … He didn’t approve the Teen Choice Awards.
I was angry, but [more] for my fans than for my own selfish reasons. The show was going to be awesome and … I [even] put my own money into the performance, like I always do.

After days of receiving angry messages over social media, Calvin Harris finally spoke out regarding the issue. Now while he hasn’t taken any names, and hasn’t resorted to any lashing of any kind, he did ask that people stop probing into the issue and into his personal life.

We hope this issue can be resolved amicably soon and both the artists can get back to some amazing music-making that they are adored for.

Source: The Guardian


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