Elijah Wood – From Lord of the Rings to Vinyl Sets!


You heard it right! The gorgeous actor who’s won hearts as Frodo in Lord of the Rings of geeks and girls alike is now winning the confidence of fans in the EDM realm! With his various collaborations with friend Zach Crowie and releases under the stage name Wooden Wisdom, Elijah Wood has an funky edge to his tunes. Rich, groovy melodies and his down-tempo tunes are perfect to bring an evening to a relaxing close with some wining and dining! His skills have been honed and his works are of great finesse and are the reason why he’s already made appearances as a DJ at FantasyCon 2014, a pre-Emmy party in 2012 , Bushmills Live and at Splash House.

A fusion of jazz, funk and chill vibes, his tunes are quickly earning fame for the talented actor as an original and interesting artist with a unique taste!

Here’s his mix Cosmic Clearance on Soundcloud.


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