THUMP’s New Documentary Showcases the Indian Electronic Music Scene


THUMP, the electronic music and culture channel from VICE, has partnered with audio giants Bose to release a global documentary about electronic music in the unlikeliest of places. And one of those places is India.

Aimed at educating people around the world about the thriving electronic music scene within the country, it showcases just exactly how it started and the point it’s currently reached. India, now, is not only an important stop on international tours, but also has a handful of producers and DJ’s that are making their way to the international forefront as well.

In their new documentary, they focus especially on a few integral members who have had a key role since the inception of the Indian dance music movement. Tech House/Techno producer Arjun Vagale, who, apart from having signed to numerous international labels such as Bedrock, Tronic and Sci-Tec, has also founded an academy with his brother called ILM, which aims to teach young people how to DJ and make their own music, and runs one of the biggest artist management companies in the country with his business partner Dev Bhatia.

They’ve also lent focus on bass heavy artist Nucleya, who’s ideology of combining local street sound from all corners of the country with hard-hitting bass music, has become immensely popular with the nation’s youth.

Also on the video is another bass heavy artist, Kris Correya, who had a key role in popularising bass heavy music to the Indian youth. His project Bay Beat Collective, is one of the countries highest regarded bass-heavy acts. Apart from being a DJ, however, he’s also been a promoter for many years, and has been an insider to the industry since the very beginning.
Watch the entire documentary below
Source: Thump

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