Nokia developing a prototype smartphone that charges itself from sound

Do you get annoyed when you go for a gig with a full battery and after clicking photographs and recording videos, you’re just left with a bare minimum of 10-15% of it? Sucks, doesn’t it? So far, the only possible solution for it has been to carry a portable charger, but even that becomes a burden after a point. But not anymore. There’s hope after all.
A team of scientists from Queens Mary University in London have been working with Nokia to develop a prototypical mobile phone that charges its battery from sound. Yes. You read that right.
Based on a concept a group of Korean scientists proposed four years ago, the phone works on the concept of generating power from nanogenerators, that generate power from from any kind of sound, be it music, traffic, human voices or any other common noises that surround us. During a test, the phone was successfully able to generate 5 volts, enough to charge the phone after exposing it to everyday noise.
Though still an ongoing project, one of the engineers working on the project confirmed in a press release that ““We (the team) hope that we have brought this technology closer to viability”.


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