Watch This: Street Performer Makes EDM Magic With Flip Flops and PVC Pipes

525030-cb9d3d20-df8e-11e2-833a-731d0dfac0dd Who doesn’t love the odd street performer, fascinating us with his amiability and dexterity? These guys are our own heroes, making it big without a record label to back them up. What have we learnt from one of the most talked-about street performer in the past week? Not everyone needs a Macbook or fancy disc jockeying skills to make some trance-y, techno house tunes. Jake , aka Pipe Guy from Adelaide shows you how it’s done with just two instruments- PVC pipes and slippers! An act of immense creativity and practice Jake’s routine breaks into all kinds of beats and rhythms, including the cheeky rendition of oh-so-familiar Seven Nation Army’s intro and Iggy Azalea’s Fancy.   It doesn’t take him too long to get his bucket of fans brimming with his skill and presumably self constructed instrument and we can’t help but watch in awe as he plays tune after tune!


Watch him here:


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