Preview: Pig & Dan – Sandstorm [EP]

Preview: Pig & Dan – Sandstorm [EP]

Going stronger and stronger this year with a series of spectacular releases from the likes of ‘Jay Tripwire’, ‘Dema’, ‘Kane Roth’ and their very own label Elevate,  Pig & Dan has conquered everything techno. Providing consistently the most deep, but often lively work outs, they’ve always looked to shove the cloak with genre-bending music and to create somewhat extraordinary.

Having already put a new album in queue for release, Pig & Dan tease us with an EP by themselves. Comprising three tracks “Sandstorm” “Power” and “There’s No Turning Back”, the EP is simply their mark of creative intelligence.

The title track “Sandstorm” starts with elements of minimal techno, as it moves on with a clean hard-hitting kick intended only for peak hour dancefloor gatherings! “Power”, is a groovy track with a fizzy bassline with slightly distorted synth sound and a vocal loop “Power Power Power” making it very driving and hypnotic. The final track “No Turning Back” is vague and ambient with strong emphasis on the kick drum and floating elements that are added to the mix, softly disappearing into a breakdown you won’t anticipate.

Release Date: August 18th

Check the previews below:


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