Now you can wear your favourite music to a gig

Ever been to a gig and mesmerized by the visuals so much that you wanted them to be a part of you? Well now it’s possible. Crated, a design consultancy and R&D lab, has designed a new shirt that “pulses at varying degrees of intensity based on what music is playing“.

Inspired by the concept of visual DJ’s who incorporate lights and lasers as much as music into their live shows, the shirt will allow clubbers and festival goers to be a part of the experience, instead of just going gaga over the visual production.
The shirt is based on a wireless concept, Made in a collaboration with BotFactor and Squink, which allowed Crated to do away with all the wires and print print super thin and flexible circuit boards right on the patch that powers Sync. And all of this was done in 24 hours!

Sync was a collaboration inspired by BotFactory’s Squink,” says Madison Maxey, CTO at Crated. “We had met the team about a month earlier and were so impressed by the implications for Squink, especially after we had run into come frustrating PCB troubles with an earlier project. We were excited to see BotFactory crowdfunding and decided to propose a collaboration using Squink boards in wearable technology, as they’re exceptionally flexible and really beautiful if properly designed.

Though the Sync VJ shirt is just a concept as of now, Crated are exploring the possibility of making a consumer – ready version which can be worn to clubs and festivals.


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