Preview: Fehrplay – Pyara (Original Mix)


Jonas von der Fehr, or as he’s known to the world of dance music, Fehrplay, had recently been in the news for his shift from the highly regarded Pryda Friends label, to move towards Deamau5’s Mau5trap Records. (Read more here). Pryda Friends was where he got his break, and became what he is in the dance music industry.

Though thankfully, the quality of music that he’s dishing out hasn’t taken a hit. His first track on mau5trap, to be released soon, is, in our opinion, simply brilliant. Still sticking to that groovy driving progressive style that Eric Prydz has made famous, Fehrplay’s new production “Pyara” is a wonderfully nocturnal track, perfect for clubs, festivals and ipods alike.

The track is primarily characterised by an extremely catchy vibrato synth arpeggio, and a sinister acidic bassline. There’s also hints of a dark synth horn, that adds to the sub-bass effect. The entire soundscaping of the track is so masterfully done, it makes for those perfect productions that come around every once in a while

This is definitely a release to look forward to. It’s absolutely pounding, dance-worthy and perfectly driving, and definitely one you just can’t stay still too, no matter how hard you try.


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