Watch This: Seven Lions ft. Kerli – Worlds Apart (Official Video)


With the recent release of an EP that accumulated hordes of fans for him, Seven Lions recently uploaded the official video for Worlds Apart through Ultra Music. Needless to say, the video is a breathtaking visualization of the agony of separation. Poignant from beginning to end, Seven Lions unravels a tale for us that keeps us mesmerized to the very end.

With a bass drop that sends chills up our spines and Kerli‘s hypnotic vocals and beauty as she manifests herself as a water fairy, this video is no less than an extremely beautiful dream.  Artistic and adventurous, the video captures the emotions and essence of the track  and puts us into a trance and question why forbidden love must exist and torment lovers. With an open ending for us to interpret, Worlds Apart is making it big in the hearts of fans who see a reflection of their own passions in this humanized music video that is easy to relate to.

Give yourself some shivers from this inter-galactic audio-visual appeaser:


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