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As part of the second installment of our Tomorrowland Rewind series, we bring you an exclusive interview with adored producer and soon-to-be-visiting-India artist – Nate Rathbun aka Audien. The young prodigal supertalent took some time off his Tomorrowland itenary to sit down with us for a heart-to-heart about his mercurial rise in the Dance Music industry, the evolution of his own sound and the largely gratifying American acceptance of Dance Music. Our Artist of the Month, Audien prepares for a three city tour this weekend, as we sit down with the boy from Mystic as he reveals his mystifying journey from bedroom DJ to playing at the mainstage at Tomorrowland!


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TBB: We’re live with Audien at Tomorrowland 2014! Nate, how’s it going? Are you enjoying the weather here?
Audien: Very good. The weather turned out very beautiful. Its a little cloudy..its hot, but its nice!
TBB: You’ve played at Tomorrowland before, and that too at the mainstage. How are proceedings coming along for this year’s edition?
Audien: Yeah, last year I had an earlier set on the mainstage. But this year I’m doing something with Ferry Corsten. He’s a good friend of mine and he’s got a great stage together with a lot of talented artists and I’m happy to be a part of it.

TBB: Given that you’ve played at every big festival around the world, what’s you’re take on Tomorrowland?
Audien: I think its one of the of the biggest festivals in the world. Its like a “statement” festival for dance music in general, because everything that happens here, kind of resonates throughout the year around the world. Playing a new track at Tomorrowland is like giving it, its own grand debut!TBB: In the last few years, North America has seen a tremendous surge in Dance music coming its way. It is expanding as the biggest hubs of dance music right now. Where do you see it going in the coming years?
Audien: I think, its still pretty fresh in the US. A lot of people are still discovering the music and the genres. It’s still pretty “cool” and not yet, what I could call, mainstream. There’s no way to tell where its going as its still growing. We’ll have to just wait and watch how it evolves.
TBB: You hail from the town of Mystic, Connecticut. How’s the journey been, coming from a small town and then making it big and playing mainstage at Tomorrowland?
Audien: Its been crazy and little surreal. Honestly, everyday is like a new surprise to me and I’m enthusiastic everyday, probably the same amount as when I started out!
us-0705-490052-frontTBB: When you first started producing, you produced and played at a very harder faster BPM before you gradually slowed down to a generic trance & progressive tempo. Where does you’re production style stand now?
Audien: Well I guess its a little bit of everything. Progressive Trance, progressive house, electro..I like to experiment with everything. I think one day I’ll come out with an album, and its going to have a bunch of different sounds and genres. It’ll be very diverse as I don’t like to lock myself on any one particular sound.TBB: What can we expect from your Tomorrowland set?
Audien: I’ve got a few tracks that I want to try out. I’ve got this new remix for Michael Jackson that I’ve been kind of pushing, and I’d love to see how its received here! I don’t really pre-meditate my sets, I kind of see how the crowd reacts and I go off from that really!

TBB: You’re new collaboration with Matthew Koma ‘Serotonin’ is hugely popular at clubs and festivals around the world. How did the collaboration come about?
Audien: I did the instrumental for that track a long time ago. And Matthew loved it and did the vocals for it, and it blossomed into something very different.

TBB: What can we expect from the studio of Audien in the near future?
Audien: I have lots of melodic stuff and lots of vocal works in the pipeline. Some more remixes and bootlegs of classic tracks that I’ve been working on for a long time should be complete pretty soon as well.

TBB: You’re India tour recently got announced to a huge response on social media! What are your thoughts on that?
Audien: I’m so excited! Its going to be amazing, India is a huge market and its a big calling for Dance music right now. I remember as soon as the tour got announced, my twitter page exploded with tweets and messages!

TBB: Tell us your top three Bangin tracks!
Audien: Bastille – Pompeii (Audien Remix), MAKJ – Springen & Porter Robinson ft. Urban Cone – Lionhearted (Arty Remix)

TBB: Do you have any special messages for your fans in India?
Audien: Thank you all so much for supporting me and my music! I cant wait to visit India and I cant wait to play there for you!





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