Preview: Underworld – Cowgirl (Alt Cowgirl C69 Mix from A1564)



In anticipation of the re-mastered, deluxe release of their classic album ‘dubnobasswithmyheadman’ and headline show at London’s Royal Festival Hall, Underworld unveil ‘Cowgirl (Alt Cowgirl C69 Mix from A1564)’.  A fascinating insight into their creative process, this early demo of ‘Cowgirl’ already has the familiar pulsing riff and the gradually building drums of the final fully-mixed version.


Underworlds debut arrived as a fully formed statement of intent. Its nine tracks showcased the limitless possibilities of electronic music. Although born out of club culture, Underworld’s debut defied the accepted genres of the time – equally suited to dancefloor and after party, it was as immersive an experience quaking through bassbins or headphones. Two decades on from its original release, its unarguable that dubnobasswithmyheadman is one of the most influential British electronic records of all time; a signpost for everything from dance musics easy relationship with main stages at festivals to the radio/globe-conquering EDM phenomenon. Even through this little teaser, you can find immersive electronica elements scattered throughout the track, as ‘Cowgirl’ takes us into a spiraling journey towards musical enlightenment.


Enjoy this recreation and be sure to mark your calendar dates on October 6th for the re-mastered album!


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