Zedd Suffers From Sudden Hearing Loss


Zedd is now battling something crucial to him, for the most reason! Fans panicked and prayed for a speedy recovery when the prodigy, Zedd revealed on Twitter a sudden hearing loss on his left ear. This is nothing less than a career nightmare for something of his talent and has us praying that he does not end up being a prey to the shadows as a consequence of it!

Recently Zedd posted a status on Twitter and devastated fans were taken aback by the unexpected and random but pivotal threat to his career.

With Knife Party‘s Rob Swire and Ingrosso who have also been victims of the same,

we can only hope that the remedies suggested by Nicky Romero and others to Zedd can fix him up really fast!

Hopefully the condition is nothing serious but it does shed light on the importance of protecting oneself from the dangers of loud music at performances. We really hope that Zedd’s condition is merely temporary. The Russian-German is one of the most influential and adored DJs and we’d really hate to lose out on someone so phenomenal! Featured on Forbes as ‘the next big star of electronic music,’ Zedd has his whole life ahead to substantiate the validity of Forbes’ claim and gather a much larger fan base with his creative and zesty personality. Perhaps some time off from his hectic schedule should get him back on track.

Get well soon Zedd!


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