Chromeo ft Solange – Lost On The Way Home (Mat Zo Remix)


Mat Zo‘s recent remix features liquid drum and bass at its finest! This song completely transforms the original over its course and melts our heart with its fiery, upbeat sizzle. The guitar adds flavor to the already tasteful track and the synth and funk are reworked to create a great summer anthem! Easy on the ears, the remix takes Chromeo‘s 80s electro-funk ballad and Solange‘s sweet R&B vocal style and blends them into an electro-tune that’s great to unwind to this summer! Emphatic and groovy, this remix has us crankin’ up the volume. The overlaying of genres and a twist given to it by this London based DJ creates a melody that’s refined and pure, reinstating Zo’s dexterity behind the table. Noteworthy is the DJ’s avoidance of replacing the original and instead using the remix to exacerbate the fine quality of the track.

For interested parties, the track is available for free here. Otherwise there’s SoundCloud.


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