Eric Prydz Gives Away Two Tracks For Free Under His Cirez D Moniker!



Swedish mastermind Eric Prydz has conquered every genre there is, when it comes to progressive electronica. His darker techno alias Cirez D, has been credited with gifting the dancefloor with the darkest sonic textures you can put your ears upon. In an unexpected yet welcome move, the Pryda frontman gave away; not one but two of his productions under his darker tones moniker as a Free Download! Avid listeners of Prydz’s sets will recognize the two tracks being played profusely throughout his DJ mixes, and as a personal milestone of 10,000 tweets, Prydz decided to give them away for free!


Accents‘ is a minimalistic driving melody that charges up & down from the break, but contains its energy like how an afterhours masterpiece should. Peppered with some sharp reverbing synths and a pounding bassline, this is one track that would simply make the pick of any Techno enthusiast’s playlist. ‘Revolution‘ is curated from a freshly garnered techno approach from Prydz, where he adds plenty of ambient elements into the foray making this track as dark & delicious as they come. Adorned with plenty of FX and drumline juice, this track marks a new territory for Cirez D, where he shows Techno can be as uplifting as it can be seductive!


Check out the tracks below and grab your Free Download now!




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