Guy Gerber and Diddy release their collaborative “11 11” album for free!

Guy Gerber and Diddy release their collaborative "11 11" album for free!

It might have taken over three long years, but 11 11 is a masterpiece as well as a show of faith between Guy Gerber and hip hop mogul Diddy to take over dance music’s monotony. Set for an initial release date of August 13th, this is a case of better late than never since this work of art is up for free download via Beatport.

“I find it a bigger challenge to do something abstract, something underground,” Gerber recently told The Wall Street Journal. He described the album as “very deep and emotional as opposed to something in your face.”  Despite Sean Combs reaching out to Guy in 2009 regarding collaboration talks, their working relationship didn’t launch until a year after.

To put it quite simply, this pair wasn’t guided by a particular sense of vision or any musical influence whatsoever. Wholly spontaneous, the idea was to enjoy experimenting. Given the amount of shock the album seems to possess, Gerber hopes that people instill a little curiosity and keep the faith. We’re thinking the best way to describe this would be ’emotional deep house” with killer twists of course.

Download it here!


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