Soundcloud Introduces Advertisements To Fund Music Artists


Every one’s favourite source of music, Soundcloud decided that its time to level up its business by introducing ads and paid subscriptions to capitalize off of its free service.

With 175 million users currently enjoying its service, Soundcloud has come a long way with it’s free music streaming portal in 6 years since its inception. As the website continues to become more and more crucial to music artists and listeners alike, the company has decided to fund popular music uploaders and right holders through the revenue generated by introducing advertisements, some thing along the lines of YouTube’s funding strategy for its YouTubers.

As progressive as it is for the artists and the company, the move will only mean having to see/hear those ad snippets during your exploration of good music on the website, unless you sign up for the paid subscription.

Either way, we can rest assured that it’s not going to be one of those annoying experiences. “We wanted to avoid this being a bunch of unthought-through ads in your face. You won’t open the site up and see a bunch of banner ads plastered everywhere. It’s elegant,” said Alexander Ljung, the Chief Executive of Soundcloud. “Our set of launch advertisers have done a really great job: the experience around the ads feels good.”



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