Watch This: Hardwell Announces The Next Episode of his Q&A Series- ‘Behind The Decks’


Ever wondered what makes Hardwell the man he is, what drives him to create his music or how much effort and time goes into his productions? Here’s your chance to have your questions answered by World #1 DJ, one who believes in the power of his fans to shape and pave the path of his career. On 22nd August, ‘Revealed Recordings honcho and all round electronic titan’ Hardwell opened up the opportunity for those who helped him climbs his steps to fame, the people who matter most- his fans to ask him about what goes on Behind The Decks in his popular Q&A series!

So well, want Hardwell to let the cat out of its bag? Have some queries about what thrills and delights the Dutch music maestro? Head over to Hardwell’s official Facebook or Twitter and submit your questions by tweeting your questions @Hardwell and adding the hashtag #HardwellQA, comment with your question on the YouTube announcement video, or simply ask a question on his special Facebook Q&A tab ‪found here.

Why should you do it, you ask? Well, selected questions will feature on the video along with the name of the person who put it forth. Isn’t that something to brag about?


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