Ferry Corsten feat. Nat Dunn – Hyper Love (Original Mix)

Ferry Corsten - Hyper Love (Original Mix)

Dutch trance producer and pioneer Ferry Corsten has contributed enormously to the genre and has helped it usher from its underground roots to large scale giant arenas.

Certainly loyal to his fans, Corsten is nothing less than dynamic. Previously in July this year, he released “Festival Crash,” an upbeat, vocal-free dance track and in no time he is back with his new single ‘Hyper Love’. Keeping the roots as progressive, this collaboration of Ferry with Australian singer Nat Dunn is radio-friendly and bent towards electronic pop.

Speaking out about his new track, Ferry explained “I’m always very open minded when working on new track. I’ve always been a huge fan of the UK piano break beat sound. When working on ‘Hyper Love’ I could hear how this would fit the song. When Nat Dunn came up with the lyrics I immediately knew I wanted to take it in a more radio friendly direction.

Premiered to the ecstatic response during his “Full On Ibiza” residency at Space the expectations for the single’s release reached high peaks. Contrasting a lot of electronic music numbers that put vocals and lyrics up-front, “Hyper Love” takes influence from ’90s trance and drives them straight into the limelight.

Purchase the anthem now on Beatport.


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