Eric Prydz & Deadmau5 To Collaborate?



Well..this is one news that is sure to be any Dance music fan’s dream come alive! Two of the Industry’s biggest giants, Eric Prydz & Deadmau5, both masters of their domain, and founders of the most reputed Dance music fronts i.e. Pryda & Mau5trap respectively, could be collaborating on an unknown venture. At this point, we’re just speculating, but as evidence points in the right direction, we will “Soon..” see some more light shed on this post by Prydz.



Now, to break this down simply, Eric Prydz releases his Techno arsenal through his Cirez D moniker on the Mouseville records. This clever little graphic replacing ‘Mouse‘ with the globally recognizable ‘Mau5‘, could mean anything at this point. A collaboration for a track / an album / a cross-label compilation / a new joint label..the possibilities are endless! The two have frequently been running into each other through Pryda vs Mau5trap stages, coffee runs and overlapping Festival performances. But this venture could pretty much blow the roof off everything. We’ll have to the edge of our seats!




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