Watch This: How Paris Hilton Really DJed At Pacha, Portugal

Paris-HiltonSo you heard Paris Hilton ended up making 347,000$ per night as a DJ, right? Well, here’s a video that is going to show you exactly what it is she does, from her selection of what seems like the Top40 to the stagnant turn-table on her left for a good 20 minutes.  This bird’s eye view of her performance taken with a GoPro shows how the heiress spends more time taking selfies and pictures of the crowd rather than actually turning the dials. At the same time, the video focuses right onto her Traktor controller and we see wave-forms running through her channels and other fancy, technical stuff happening on that screen which does give the act a little bit of validation. The video has struck up discussion about the actual credibility of this DJ. While some use her as a scapegoat to attack those born with a silver spoon in their mouths and those who can buy their way to the top, many take her side for at least trying to DJ.  Watch the video for yourself and judge whether or not Paris has any claims to support her DJing abilities!


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